Q. How do I save my indoor rubber plant?

I received an indoor rubber plant as a wedding gift in mid-April. It was in a north- facing window for six weeks then moved to south- facing window. I’m noticing leaves yellow/blackening and occasional scales on the trunk. What can I do to save my plant?


First, get rid of the scale insects. You probably have more than you think as the young scales that crawl out from the hard older scales are semi-transparent. You can use a Q-tip and alcohol to remove them and/or spray them with Malathion or neem oil. It may have to be sprayed or treated again because the older shells can protect the new scales from being targeted. Also, most tropical houseplants are used to being on the jungle floor so they are not happy in the full sun of south- facing windows and usually burn. Humidity is important, so a tray of pebbles holding water under the plant creates a humid atmosphere as long as the bottom of the pot is not touching the water (which causes rot). An outdoor space in the shade would be ideal for the summer months.


  • Last Updated Jan 08, 2019
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  • Answered By Janet Evans

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