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Haberneros, chile, jalepenos. I have some hot pepper plants, 12 in all, 4 of each kind. They are flowering but flowers seem to be falling off? I have them indoors now with plant lights. This is the first time i tried to grow hot peppers. I grew them from seeds. Is thier any chance that a spider could be hurting them? I have noticed a few web strands but have not seen one. Any and all help would be appreciated.


Dear Peter:  I would gradually ease the plants back out in the sun as they are full sun plants.  The webbing you see has me a little worried as it might be spider mites.  Hose off the plants with a hose, hitting the undersides of the leaves.  Repeat the hosing every three days until you don't see the webbing.  I am not sure you have mites, but it is suspicious and the hosing will do no harm!   Also, I am not sure they would cause flower drop anyway, but they will weaken the plant and cause the foliage to yellow and drop off.  If the webbing continues, you could spray with ultrafine oil (completely non toxic to us, will not affect the peppers when they appear and is available in most garden centers) and will end the mite issue.  Do no over water the plants and leave in full sun (after they have been reacclimated to the sun) .  You should have peppers!!

  • Last Updated Jan 08, 2019
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  • Answered By Aska Gardener

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