Q. Do you have information on the history of community gardening?

I am a graduate student and just starting research on community gardening history. Can you suggest places to start? I’m also interested in the history of community gardening in Philadelphia and wonder if you can give me information about PHS’s involvement.


For a very brief overview of the history of community gardening in Philadelphia, see the link below to an article by Libby Goldstein, “Philadelphia's Community Gardening History.” According to Goldstein, "The Vacant Lot Cultivation Association provided land and technical assistance through at least 1919, encouraging children to garden and adults to begin for-profit market gardens on lots throughout Philadelphia." See the link below on a report of the Vacant Lot Cultivation Association -- it includes references to work in Philadelphia. Additionally, our library has some of the annual reports of the Philadelphia Vacant Lots Cultivation Association. You should also query Temple University's Urban Archives for this topic.

For PHS's community gardening projects, there is information here in our library in the PHS Yearbooks and our files. For material in our archives, contact the library manager at mcleanlibrary@pennhort.org.

All of PHS's Yearbooks have been digitized and are available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library. (see links below). To trace the activities of the early days of PHS's community gardening projects, start with the 1970 PHS Yearbook, when we participate in the first Earth Week. Continue to 1972 where Ernesta Drinker Ballard writes "I cannot say precisely what the outcome will be. But out of the mass of memoranda, proposals, discussions and meetings, I begin to see emerging the concept of an urban horticultural society serving the needs of a great city and its suburbs in an age when the quality of life is acknowledged to be of fundamental importance. It is a challenging vision to a growing society." (Report, 1972 yearbook, p. 4). By 1973, PHS started its greening program.

Here is a list of references on the history of community gardening. These books are in our library. The Hynes, Lawson and Rosan books have information on the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Philadelphia Green program.

The Bush-Brown book is about an earlier community greening effort in Philadelphia, before ours came into existence.

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Here are selected publications about the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's greening programs. Some of these references may be useful to you in your research, especially Bonham and Spilka's Old Cities/Green Cities:

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 And finally, I included a links to a resource guide we created called "Gardening When it Counts" (below). It includes both current and historic efforts on the topic of gardening in hard times, including victory gardens and related endeavors; as well as to our resource guide “Community Gardening.”

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