Q. I have three Physocarpus 'Summer Wine' on my front lawn. They were planted this past spring.

Two of them became full with leaves and had some blooms, but one of them had no blooms and no leaves on 3/4 of the branches (the lower 3/4). What might be wrong? They all have the same sun exposure, watering, etc.
They were planted by a professional garden team, so I believe they were strong specimens. The one that is having problems is the first one in the row. It has plenty of room to grow. Thank you.


Dear Gardener:   The one plant of the three Physocarpus 'Summer Wine' that is not doing as well as the other two may be weak for two reasons.  When it was dug in the nursery, there may have been difficulties in the digging so that the root system may have been weakened.  When it was planted, maybe there were issues with getting it into the ground.  Either of these could cause transplant shock.  Be sure that the plants remain moist as they settle into their new home.  Next year the weaker plant may still be a little weaker as it recovers from being planted, but I suspect that in the long run, all three will fine.  


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