Q. Burnt tips on Peace lily leaves?

I have several indoor plants and I try not to over water them. Am I under-watering if the tips of my peace lily leaves have turned brown? The plant is still producing new leaves. I have another plant in the same situation, and this morning I noticed water dripping from the underside of one of the leaves. That plant also seems to be drooping a bit. What should I be doing differently?


Dear Houseplant Grower:   Is the second plant also a Peace Lily???   If it is another type of plant, some other plants tend to drip occasionally, particularly after watering and when the humidity is high.   I have found that the Peace Lily gets brown tips when I let the plant get too dry betweeen waterings.  It seems to like very even moisture.   Try not to let it dry out between waterings and see if that helps.


  • Last Updated Dec 17, 2020
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  • Answered By Aska Gardener

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