Should cut daffodils be kept without water?

I was just at a grocery store that had a bucket of cut daffodils, but no water. I pointed this out and was told by the store manager that this keeps the daffodils from opening before purchase. I've been googling, but haven't found anything to back this theory of his up. Have you heard this?


Lisa, yes, daffodils are usually shipped "dry" but they should have been well hydrated before being cut and shipped. They also should have been slightly refrigerated to keep them dormant.  Once out in the store they should be kept cool if possible, then when you take them home, cut the stems by one inch under cool water.  And put them in cool water with the water conditioner that may have been supplied, up to the blossom to rehydrate them. Then keep them out of the sun or really bright light for at least a few hours.  Then you can reduce the amount of water. But still keep them out of really bright light or sun.  Ideally you will recut every day or two under water to keep the vascular system open.  Sometimes the daffodils will not have been properly stored or shipped and they don't open.  Other flowers shouldn't be arranged with cut daffodils as they have a gummy substance that clogs the vascular system of other plant material. 


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