Q. Preserving Limelight Hydrangea blossoms

What is the best way to preserve Limelight Hydrangeas? I read online to dip the woody stems into boiling water for thirty seconds before placing them in a vase of water. I did exactly that and the blossoms still shriveled.


It is difficult to preserve hydrangea blossoms when they are in peak bloom, other than by pressing the flowers or treating with glycerine, which changes the color and texture.

Most people preserve by drying, but you need to wait until the flowers start to change color a bit while still on the plant. Limelight will start to take on a pinkish tinge, which is a sign it is time to cut. If you wait too long, the flowers will turn brown. 

Cut the stems and remove the leaves, which will shrivel and look unsightly. Some folks bundle them and hang upside down in a dry area, but I just set them in a container and they do just fine. Once they feel dry to the touch, a light spritz of hairspray helps keep them from shattering. I've had them last for years this way.


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